By Maryanne Milazzo


Create energized spaces that you live in and that live inside you

Maryanne Milazzo is a passionate, qualified, expert, award winning interior designer and an owner of a film and digital production company. She lives in Sydney Australia. Maryanne is known for infusing her designs with energy and qualities that feed the soul and the senses. Learn from Maryanne’s experience and design knowledge where energy is blocked in the spaces you live in that may be stopping you living the life you want. Work through the session with Maryanne as she shares with you in an easy accessible way, how you can experience living in spaces that reflect the space that lives inside you. Spaces that are unique to you and that helps achieve what you truly want in your life.

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  • One hour personal session with Maryanne
  • Discover the energy blocks in your spaces
  • Find solutions to create positive energy in your spaces
  • Align the energy in your spaces with what you want in life

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9 key ELEMENTS in design to improve the energy in your spaces

  1. DE-CLUTTER – de-clutter to create energized spaces
  2. LIGHT – light to create different moods
  3. SPECTRUM – color to energize your spaces
  4. COMFORT – comfort to soothe the body
  5. SPACE – creating clear spaces
  6. SANCTUARY – spaces that feed your soul
  7. SPIRIT – spaces with ambience that feel good
  8. SENSES – sensual pleasures
  9. SELF – your personal style
  • In this book Maryanne shares her secrets from her years in the design world.
  • She explains how the spaces you live in may be stopping you from living the life that you want.
  • Maryanne gives you life-changing information on why it’s important to create the right energy in the spaces you live in.
  • She teaches you how to design and match the vibration and energy of your spaces with your personal goals so that you can start living a life full of fun, love, joy, abundance and success.
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